Friday, October 20, 2006

Live the movie!

Just watching a movie isn’t everything...feel the movie, live the movie. Coz 2 hours of your life can’t be wasted to 'just watch a movie’.

Some tips for the ultimate movie experience.

If you watch movies in a PC.

Building a HTPC

Give a try on XP Media center. The best OS for live media and other contents. If you are planning to buy a new PC for entertainment or gamming purposes, as with TV... wait for sometime. Microsoft is releasing its new OS Windows vista, it wont make any difference but they are also releasing DirectX 10 with it… which will make hell of a lot difference. Each and every new hardware will be running on DirectX10 and the price of current hardware will crash upto 30-40% and will get outdated in couple of years.

Watching foreign language films.

I always had problem watching Hindi as well as some English movies….I am talking about the language. Its fine when the DVD is with subtitles... but what if u doesn’t have subtitles with it? Well, u can download the subtitles and add it to your movie during real-time playback in PC and standalone players.subtitle is one of many sites where you can download movie subtitles. Also download and install the utility called ‘directVOBsub’. Copy the subtitles to the same folder as your video file is placed and just play your movie as usual in windows media player…there WILL BE subtitles for you! So start watching world classics now….!!

Don’t buy a regular TV.

If you are planning to buy a regular 21inch CRT TV, think twice. All the major TV channels have switched to HD broadcast. We will have that service in less than a year. New movies are on ‘HD’ or ‘Blue Ray’ as well.

HDTV Cool!!!

HD is a widescreen video format that has ‘progressive video’ unlike the ‘interlaced video’ we have in DVDs, VCDs and some broadcasting stations. Normal players and TV wont support the HD video format. With HD we have the luxury of having giant screens at your home up to 100” or 400”. The resolution of the videos is very high to produce the best video experience in the planet. There are LCD and Plasma options available and have to opt one that suits you.

A 40” LCD used to cost 100k 2 years back and its round 40k now, twice the price of a high-end CRT TV, but much better visual experience. Prices will be dropping day by day.

Once you have seen a blockbuster movie in a ‘BIG’ screen with the environmental pleasure of being at home…or a live football stream ….u wont touch a CRT TV again….believe me!

Prefer DTS than Dolby Digital 5.1


With my Personal experience DTS sounds good and clear, but expensive. Dolby digital sound systems are comparatively dull and cheap, as the sound is encoded in a more compressed format which makes it a bit…a bit dull. With DTS you may go for up to 10.1 discreet surround channels.

Don’t buy a DVD player, try gamming consoles!

Yes! A good DVD player can cost upto 5-6k. If u can shed a lot more and is interested in gamming buy a gamming console. You can browse the net, setup an online community, play MMORPG, famous game titles and play almost all Disk formats from Blueray to AudioCD and MP3. It has wireless controllers and data storage facilities. A newer console has multiple processor support, HD video and 5.1 decoding, even in gamming and comes with tons of stylized accessories.

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